Professional career

Dr. J. Markó was born in Jászberény (Hungary) in 1943. He received his MSc. Mech. Eng. Degree from the University of Agricultural Sciences (Budapest) in 1966, and his doctor degree (PhD) in mechanical engineering from the same University in 1984.

Dr. Marko has been practicing as Patent Attorney since 1975. He is registered Member of the Hungarian Chamber of Patent Attorneys. Dr. Markó was Partner with DANUBIA Patent & Trademark Attorneys between 1975 and 2008. In 2003 Dr. Markó was registered as European Patent Attorney. He is fluent in Hungarian, German and English.

Dr. Markó participated in professional continuing IP education programs at the Patent & Law Office HOFFMANN-EITLE in Munich (1984) and at the Canadian Law Offices SMART&BIGGAR in Ottawa (2001) and at CEIPI-Courses in Strasbourg (FR) and Budapest. He lectured with CEIPI in the epi-CEIPI Basic Seminar in Budapest.

In his 33-year IP practice, Dr. Markó has had extensive experience in all forms of intellectual property, specialized in the Hungarian and international prosecution and litigation of patents, utility models and designs.

Dr. Markó was awarded the MIE-Award (MIE: Hungarian Association for Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright) in 1994, and the JEDLIK-Prize by the President of the Hungarian Patent Office in 2001.

Dr. Markó's positions and memberships in professional bodies and organisations:

Reporter General of the UNION of EU Practitioners in Intellectual Property (1996-2005);

President & Delegate of the Hungarian Group of UNION (1993-2006)

Member of the Hungarian Patent Attorney Qualifying Examination Board (1996-present)

Member of the Presidium of the Hungarian Expert Body on Industrial Property, appointed by the Minister of Justice (2003-present)

Member of Presidium of the Hungarian Chamber of Patent Attorneys (1996-present).(Vice-President 1997-2003)

Lecturer on the Higher IP Courses in Budapest (1985-present)

International Delegate of LES-Hungary (1992-94)


Dr. Markó has written numerous articles on IP law and practice, published in Hungarian, German and English. He was co-author of the Hungarian "Industrial Property Handbook" (1994). He has often been invited as speaker or organiser to local and international conferences, e.g. he was chief organiser of the AIPPI International Conference (2001) and the UNION Congress (2002) in Budapest.

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